Large Waterfalls at Calabasas Community Entrance

The homeowners association for this Calabasas community wanted something to separate their entrance from the rest of the neighboring communities. They wanted 2’ – 6’ tall, by 5’ wide waterfalls to greet the residents and visitors at the front gates. This was incredibly challenging for a number of reasons, but the main one being, the location of the water feature on this 45-degree slope.

The client wanted “lots” of water flowing for a bold focal point. Notice the large slabs of flagstone that were used to create the sheeting effect. At night 2 of the 3 pumps in each feature would shut down in order to conserve power. The single 12PN running on its own still easily covered the entire 5′ wide spillway with a beautiful continuous sheet of water.

Large Laguna boulders were used in constructing the waterfall’s with the help of a this handy grappling crane. The large rocks not only created an incredibly strong retaining wall but allowed us to get up to the 6′ waterfall height the client wanted much easier then stacking smaller rocks.


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Waterfall Laguna Rock

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