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4 Ways Garden Ponds are Helping the Environment

  As Southern California embraces water conservation efforts, homeowners are encouraged to explore creative ways to make their outdoor living space sustainable. True enough, an outdoor living space does not have to go against the environment. Rather, it should...

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Pond Stars Is Coming to Nat Geo WILD!

Starting this September, Greg Wittstock of Aquascapes will star in his own show, Pond Stars on Nat Geo Wild. Wittstock is the owner and CEO of Aquascape Inc., North America’s leading supplier of pond and water gardening products. He commonly known as The Pond Guy...

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Our Pond-Building Team Will Be Featured on The Fish Tank Kings

Nat Geo Wild’s Fish Tank Kings returned for its 3rd season last week and Pacific Outdoor Living will be featured in the upcoming episode, titled The Fish Whisperer and featuring celebrity dog trainer Cesar Millan! The Fish Tank Kings features a group of aquarium...

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How to Add Pond Lighting to Your Backyard

Backyard ponds add so much life and beauty to your home. The lush plant life and natural stone, coupled with relaxing sounds of rushing water, creates a setting you can enjoy anytime of the day. But What About at Night? When the sun sets, your pond basically becomes...

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How to Clean Your Pond

A backyard pond can be the gem of your backyard, provided it's kept clean and cared for. Regular maintenance for your pond isn't difficult, requiring just 3 steps: 1.The filter should be cleaned out weekly. 2. Leaves and dirt should be skimmed out before they sink to...

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How to Plant Water Lilies

The Nymphaeaceae is a family of plants that live in freshwater areas and tropical climates. The common name for members of this family is the water lily. Water lilies grow in bodies of water, rooted in the soil and extending out above the water, so the leaves and...

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The Best Stones for Your Pond or Waterfall

Stones are an essential part of any pond or waterfall design, and care should be given to their selection and placement. Working with your designer, you can choose the right stones to bring out the natural beauty of your pond or waterfall and complete your dream water...

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The Best Fish for Your Backyard Pond

If you're thinking about installing a pond in your backyard, it's a good bet that you've considered adding fish to it. They're a great way to put life and animation into your pond. In case you're unsure about which fish to get, how much they'll cost and if it's worth...

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All About Water Features

The term "water feature" is given to a range of items including fountains, pools, ponds, waterfalls and streams, but people generally think of them as small, decorative outdoor items. The first water features were powered by gravity or hydraulic rams, but since the...

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A New Front Yard for the Pasadena Showcase House of Design

California Waterscapes, a subsidiary of Pacific Outdoor Living, has been hard at work on a beautiful stream for the Pasadena Showcase House of Design! The Pasadena Showcase House of design is an annual event which brings together the best landscapers and interior...

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Third Pond Tour of 2013

Join us for our 3rd Pond Tour of 2013, Saturday, March 16th from 9 AM to 4 PM. Witness some of the most breath taking designs in ponds and outdoor living, including three of our owners’ personal ponds. The tour will be featured in Glendale, Shadow Hills, and La...

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