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Should You Use a Pond Kit or Create a Custom-Built Pond?

Ponds are growing in popularity in Southern California, and it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since there are many benefits of backyard ponds. Imagine coming home every day, walking into your backyard and relaxing by a trickling waterfall leading to a pond...

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9 Tips for Fish Pond Maintenance in Southern California

Adding a water garden with fish to your backyard has been a growing trend over the past couple decades. Water gardens allow you to create a tranquil, quiet place right in your backyard. They’re also a great way to add beauty to your Southern California property. By...

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3 Steps to a Gorgeous Pond Design or Pondless Waterfall Plan

Water features can make a statement in any backyard project. Whether it’s a fish pond featuring a dramatic waterfall or a pondless waterfall with gorgeous night lighting, these types of additions add a lot of value to your backyard both in terms of aesthetic appeal...

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Keeping Pond Water Clean and Clear

Your pond will always be exposed to outdoor elements. Dirt will find its way to the pond and it’s impossible to keep your attention to it round the clock. Yes, keeping pond water clean and clear requires work. But to make tasks more manageable, you can always break...

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3 Different Types of Garden Ponds

If you want a water feature installed in your yard, it pays to know the types of garden ponds you can choose from so you can plan ahead of time. Installation costs vary depending on the type and size of water feature you're looking to build. With that said, let's take...

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4 Reasons Pondless Waterfalls Could Be Right For Your Yard

Have you long wanted a water feature for your garden? Maybe you’re unsure which type to install for your home. In this post, we’ve listed down four factors you can check to determine if a pondless waterfall is the right choice for you too. But first, a little on how...

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Koi Pond Building Tips

  Interested in having your very own koi pond? First thing to ask yourself is if you're ready for the additional work. Fish would need regular care to survive and so a koi pond may not be for everyone. But if you're willing to share some of your time, then you're...

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DIY Pond Building Mistakes You Should Avoid

Are you ready for your pond project? Every phase involved in building a water feature requires utmost attention. And it's important to go over these details while you're still in the planning process. You can easily apply changes in paper unlike when the construction...

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Doing Summer Pond Care the Right Way

Summer is great for spending time outdoors and is also a time when your pond needs your attention the most. Care for it the right way so it can continue to delight you and your family. Here are few things to take note of. Oxygen Supply is Crucial Your pond is able to...

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