All of our ponds are specifically designed to look and feel natural, blend well with the already existing landscape, and provide a calm atmosphere that anyone can enjoy. However, water garden designs take this to a whole new level, by letting nature create a serene, balanced ecosystem that’s difficult to achieve through artificial means.

Water gardens, otherwise known as aquatic gardens or garden ponds, are designed to have a variety of plant life that naturally creates a healthier water quality. By absorbing nutrients in the water and filtering sunlight, aquatic plants prevent excessive algae buildup. Overgrown algae are not only aesthetically displeasing, but can even harm fish and other plants.

While too many algae are unwanted, it is still very important to have algae in your pond. It’s beneficial as a nutritious food source for fish, especially baby fish, and algae also oxygenate the water. With a naturally balanced aquatic garden design, algae are kept at optimal levels, providing food and oxygen for fish, while still preventing algae from running rampant.

Pond Plant Life

The plant life in a garden pond not only provides shade to control algae growth but also keeps a cool water temperature that won’t lower the immune systems of aquatic life in the pond. This is important for Goldfish and Koi fish, which thrive very well in cooler waters. There are many different types of plants that can be used in water gardens. Submerged plants, floating plants (not rooted in the soil), and marginal plants (rooted in the soil but grow above the water’s surface) tend to thrive very well in the healthy water that these garden ponds provide.

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