Pondless Waterfalls

Ponds and waterfalls are wonderful additions to your yard or garden. The beauty of natural stones and plant life, coupled with the peaceful sounds of rushing water, immediately transport you back to nature without ever leaving your home. Installing one is a big project, however, and some people aren’t sure if it’s the right choice for their home.

If you’re hesitant about installing a complete waterfall system in your yard or garden, a Pondless waterfall can be a great alternative to a full pond.

A Pondless waterfall features an underground basin that catches the water and sends it through a filter and back up to the waterfall again. This re-circulating stream gives the illusion that the water starts from atop the waterfall and comes down into the Earth. All the beauty of a waterfall is there, only without the pond.

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To install a Pondless waterfall, a hole is dug and a pond basin is put in place. It’s filled with water, covered with a grille and then lined with gravel. A pump will push the water up through a nozzle behind the waterfall, sending it down the rocks and into the ground. The water is then collected back into the basin, filtered and sent right back up. It looks like there’s no pond at all, when in reality, it’s just beneath the ground and not visible.

This can be a great choice for anyone who loves the idea of a waterfall in their backyard, but isn’t sure about installing a full pond. Ponds require maintenance and cleaning, which isn’t for everyone. If space is an issue, Pondless waterfalls generally take up less room than a full pond, although large Pondless systems can be installed if desired. Also, parents with young children won’t have to worry about them playing too close to the waterfall, because there’s no danger of falling in.

Pacific Outdoor Living can work with you to create a custom Pondless waterfall that fits your yard exactly. Custom shapes, sizes and features can be installed, depending on what you’re looking for. If you later decide to install a full pond, the system can be swapped out.

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