Pond Clean Outs and Maintenance

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Pond Clean Out Service

Does your pond need the fresh start of a complete clean out? We have a Pond Clean Out Service that can make that happen today. We will inspect and clean all pumps, skimmers and debris nets, provide a safe temporary habitat for any fish you may have, then drain and pressure wash the entire pond, clean out and remove any and all debris, trim or remove any dead plants, refill your pond, add back in beneficial bacteria or any other needed treatments to restore your pond to it’s full environmentally pristine value and then safely reintroduce your fish as the final step.

Pond Clean Out Steps

  1. Empty the debris net or basket
  2. Clean the skimmer filter mat
  3. Thorough pump inspections
  4. Full pond draining
  5. Temporary habitat and transfer of Koi or fish (if applicable)
  6. Remove leaves and debris
  7. Trim or remove dead plants
  8. Pressure wash the entire pond
  9. Refill the pond
  10. Add beneficial bacteria and any other needed treatments
  11. Safely re-introduce your fish

Pond Restoration Service

Do you have an existing pond in need of restoration? Are you dealing with a pesky leak, a non-functioning water feature or an older pond that’s well past it’s prime and the original installation company is long gone?

The California Waterscapes Pond Restoration Service can help bring your aging pond back into a pristine, tranquil state. Our professional crews can work to repair and rebuild any previously existing pond, waterfall and water feature. Restore your pond today!

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