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Pond Installation

California Waterscapes is one of the fastest growing water feature installation companies in the United States and currently, installs eight to ten water features per month.

Terry Morrill has a degree in architecture from the University of California at San Luis Obispo and has been a general contractor for over 25 years. Terry, along with his sons Trent and Chad, are the owners of Pacific Pavingstone, Pacific Outdoor Living and California Waterscapes located in La Crescenta, California and near Los Angeles.

Pacific Outdoor Living provides all the necessary products for outdoor living, including swimming pools, patios, outdoor kitchens, pool decks, retaining walls, built-in barbecues, fire pits, landscaping as well as various water features, like natural ponds, waterfalls and streams . We pride ourselves in being able to provide everything one needs for outdoor living under one roof.

Working With California Waterscapes

As the owners of California Waterscapes, we have been able to double the size of our business by using a few basic principles. Chief among these is the idea of “Exchange in Abundance” part of a management system we use called Hubbard Management Technology, which has proven to be incredibly successful for our company

Most successful businesses deliver at least what was promised to the customer. When you “Exchange in Abundance” you deliver what was promised – PLUS! You install the job exactly as agreed upon and you go the extra mile to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied – whatever it takes and no questions asked. Our goal is to do whatever it takes to make the customer 100% satisfied. It’s not what we think is a nice water feature but what the customer thinks is an incredible waterfall, pond or pool!

The bottom line is, we make sure each customer is 100% satisfied with our job – we do everything you’ve been promised and more.

Our Guarantee

Giving each customer superior service and ensuring that he or she is 100% satisfied with our job leads to referrals – and getting referrals is the key to rocketing the expansion of our company. There is nothing worse for an honest salesman than to try to sell a bad product.

“It’s not just about creating beautiful ponds and paving stones, but about having totally delighted customers.” — Terry Morrill

When I tell people that we are simply the best – we use the best water feature systems, the best plants, that we have the best crews and that I guarantee 100% satisfaction with their pool or pond, they believe me, because it’s the truth! It is very easy to get this across to the customer if it’s true. If it’s not true, you can only tell the lie so many times before you and your company begins to self-destruct.

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