The Best Stones for Your Pond or Waterfall

Pond with Stones and Landscaping

Stones are an essential part of any pond or waterfall design, and care should be given to their selection and placement. Working with your designer, you can choose the right stones to bring out the natural beauty of your pond or waterfall and complete your dream water garden.

To help you make the best decisions and get the most out of working with your designer, let’s take a look at the different types of stones used in waterfalls and ponds:


Design Process

Design Process

The Design Process We hand draw our design sketches along with the proposal on every consultation  Design Consultations $250 Chad Morrill has been designing and building ponds since 1999. The $250 design fee is discounted toward your final contract total if the...


FountainsStarting at $2,350 Eco-Friendly & Energy Efficient We install recirculating “disappearing” fountains, which pump water up to the top of the feature and spill over into an underground basin.   Basalt Column Rock Fountains Disappearing...


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